Mission & Goals

The Scholae Mundi educational platform was created by social entrepreneurs and philanthropists Veronika Zonabend and Ruben Vardanyan.
Scholae Mundi’s mission is, on a non-profit basis, to promote the most advanced approaches in the field of education, which in the long term will catalyse social changes throughout the world.

The main objectives of the platform are

Providing opportunities to our youth for the development of the knowledge, skills and the universal moral and ethical values that will guide them throughout their lives.
Launching various new educational initiatives with partners.
Developing a creative and friendly venues where young people can explore and originate new ideas and projects, and help bring them to fruition.

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UWC Dilijan College Support Programme
Education in the developing world should provide comprehensive development, yet also empower individuals to choose their own path.
Veronika Zonabend Co-founder of Scholae Mundi